Meet Miss Mick!

Miss Mick, also known as Mickalyn Metcalf, is the artist behind every piece of art on this website. She is a new artist located in Modesto, CA. She has a BA in Music and an MA in Counseling. Other areas she is talented in are photography and music.  Her main focus these days though is art. She has been drawing since the days of the movie Space Jam. Her first piece of art was a drawing of Daffy Duck from Looney Tunes. Since then she has been actively drawing and perfecting her style. She discovered she had a talent for digital art when she painted a picture using the Windows Paint program on her computer. After building her ability, she experimented with drawing actual pictures on her tablet, which is where most of the digital art on this website will feature. Eventually, she moved on to actual paintings after realizing that all you have to do when you make a mistake is to let it dry and paint over it. Please feel free to like her Facebook and Instagram pages!