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My Mission

My art is all custom made. I gain my inspiration from all kinds of different influences such as people, scenery, events, stories, etc. I draw each piece either on a canvas, canvas boards (flat canvas), or on my iPad Pro using ProCreate. 

If you would like to commission a portrait or a custom painting, all you have to do is send me your request. I can duplicate any of my previous commissioned artwork. Digital art is the easiest to duplicate. Please be aware that if asked to duplicate a painting or drawing that no two paintings or drawings will be exactly the same. 

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Miss Mick's Artwork

This is just a small sample of what Miss Mick has to offer

Digital Pieces

This is an  example of one of my digital art pieces. I called this piece Sunset Island. I have other digital pieces depicting scenery as well. 


This is a sketch of my grandmother, which I have framed in a floating frame with a grey trim. I use number 2 mechanical pencils to draw all of my drawings. I have now been able to experiment with acrylic and pencil. 


I paint every piece using either acrylic, oil, or watercolor paint. All my pieces that are for sale so far are acrylic. Each piece is done within a reasonable time-frame  and can be bought with or without a frame. For canvas pieces, the frame is always a shadowbox frame.  


Not only do I paint on canvas, but I also create custom art mugs. I also customize frig magnets, totes, etc.


Not only do I paint on canvas and digitally, I also turn my artwork into beautiful blank cards and thank you cards.These cards can be used for any occasion

Desktop Calendars

Interested in Desktop Calendars? You can jazz up your desk with this desktop calendar. It is completely customizable!